Graphic design and web development.

Simple solutions to complex problems; art direction, interface design, icons and front-end code hand-crafted for the platforms that embrace good design. Made with friends.

HealthShare product logosMajor rebrands are not something I do every day but, after a world-class agency failed to deliver, bringing it in house was our only option, so I led a team over six months to do just that.
Savings Source List iconsAn icon set shared between iOS and macOS, representing account types and views across the apps and bringing joy to the category of finance, at a time when all things were monochrome.
WillyWeather précis iconsA set of 82 internationally localised icons, pixel-snapped to 3 different sizes and representing weather conditions across iOS, Android and the Web.
Assorted product iconsApp icons for iOS, macOS and the Web.